A Southern lass living in a Northern world…

Using Easterly winds of communication to push towards better depth and understanding of the emotional West.

~ Sarah xxx

I guess I’m a bit of an adventurer, an explorer if you will… One thing I can definitely say for sure is… I’m a researcher.

I have the type of brain that likes to take each day and break it down into manageable pieces… like…

  • Who have I come into contact with today… how did they make me feel
    • About myself?
    • About them?

That way I can disentangle myself if I choose.

This type of rich data gives me the opportunity to ground myself daily.

I could do it once a week and try to recollect and reconnect with the energy; but over time I’ve learnt if practised every day, life can take some ‘wonderful turns’.

My latest ‘wonderful turn’ is what inspired blogging in the first place and led me to start Recording my journey from the beginning.

I started my career wanting to understand how we, as humans, are programmed by our health beliefs and practices. I needed to understand the physical body so I started an intensive anatomy and physiology trail through Sports Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Homeopathy practitioner classes. This led me to Anthropology. I’d been given the opportunity to attend a combined alternative therapies degree in London, close to my home town. Or I could take the opportunity offered to me by both Durham University in Medical Anthropology and The Northern college of Homeopathic Medicine to get my qualifications 300 miles away… Well no contest really; I upped sticks and made my way to the North.

In my early career as a medical anthropologist my research became focused on two main areas

  • Expressions of health for individuals
  • Expressions of health for businesses

I worked with organisations through teaching, lecturing and conference speaking from 2002 through till 2015. At the same time I took private clients on journeys to regain balance in their lives. You can find me on LinkedIn

My adventures have now brought my research to a more internal expression of myself. I am in recovery from trauma and have associated PTSD. Each day as I grow stronger the researcher ‘itch’ craves for acknowledgement and I am slowly taking on private clients once more.

I am in process of writing and collating my data to serve as supporting evidence around ‘mentoring and social health support’ within the mental health arena. My intention is to identify projects centred on better understanding mental health before and after trauma. If my research contributes anything to this important topic, I am both humbled and honoured to be of service.

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